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About Us

Bathing Bee started as a fundraiser, yup, a fundraiser! We saw the need for a better option for our local teams, churches, schools, and dance schools that truly put the money in their hands and not the pockets of a big company! 

Since then we have grown to supply people all over the world with our fair pricing and amazing products including an entire CBD line with remarkable instant pain relief and skin care! So many of our customers return month after month and continue to share their experience with their friends and family! We have the best Customers! 

We always use the highest quality organic ingredients so we can bring you skin care, pain relief, and bath treats that are safe for even the most sensitive skin! We offer you the lowest prices because everyone should have access to natural pain relief that actually works! And we still design, produce, package, label and ship every single product by hand. 

Here at Bathing Bee we strongly believe that quality is most important! Quality ingredients, customer service, and care for each order. We are committed to  continue to grow ourselves and improve every single day to be the company you have fallen in love with and trust! 


Allison's Story

Allison started making bath bombs in 2003 to help her oldest son with extremely sensitive skin and eczema. They also made bath time more fun. Over the years she improved her basic recipe for gifts for family and friends. 

Late in 2018 she saw a need for a better fundraiser for local kids and her hobby became a real business! After several fundraisers people began asking where they could get more Bathing Bee products and the business started to multiply. Allison always has 100 ideas ready to develop stored away in her head.  

Allison is a lifelong artist, crafter, and lover of fun projects. She is a jack-of-all-trades: a trained chef, restores furniture, certifies diamonds, ran a jewelry store, worked at a dentist office, and many other things. Ever since first grade she has wanted to be a maid or an artist.  She loves a clean and clutter free house (or apartment) and is always organizing something.

When Allison isn’t working on Bathing Bee, she can be found with her family baking gingerbread cookies (year-round because she is obsessed with everything Christmas), at the beach (every single day it’s nice enough), doing school and arts and crafts, or watching old British mysteries.   


The Bathing Bee Team


Bathing Bee has organically developed into a family run business. And Allison has some of the nuttiest, but best family around! 

Her husband and three sons help with creating, bagging, tagging, boxing, and production. They have delivered countless products locally (or to the post office) and are the driving force behind it all!

Her mother-in-law has designed every label and is a huge part of the creative decisions, putting in countless hours to get everything perfect.

Even her sister-in-laws have helped in the design of the Bathing Bee logo and various tech stuff. 

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