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Our CBD BODY BUTTER is unlike any other, our whipped proprietary formula is silky, light to the touch and EXTREMELY fast absorbing, so you are able to apply any time of the day without having to wait for "dry time". Infused with the very highest quality Broad Spectrum CBD oil, our "Butter" is packed with 500 mg of pain-relieving power.  In fact, it contains much more than most products on the market. That’s why our award-winning formula WORKS and works fast!

  Providing you with almost instant pain relief that helps relieve even the deepest joint and muscle pain AND lasts for hours! This “wonder butter” doesn’t stop at severe pain relief…  it’s ideal for dry, splitting skin, eczema, and can help relieve severe anxiety! 

  We are very happy to offer this in higher dosages as well to provide relief for almost every pain. Our amazing customers have given us wonderful  feedback sharing how much pain relief it has provided for various medical issues including post surgery for both pain and scarring, fibromyagia, chronic joint pain, and various cancers.

CBD Body Butter

SKU: Butter
  • Remember: We are NOT Doctors our promises and claims are based on the amazing feedback and testimonies of our wonderful customers! We do not claim to offer any product that can heal any given ailment. We do however love helping most of our customers find legitimate relief! If you have any questions or concerns, we are always happy to answer, or refer you to our professionals that can! Feel welcome to contact us for custom scents and dosages, or even bulk or wholesale orders.

    Please send any and all contact to

    We strive to set ourselves apart with our fair pricing, we opt NOT to "overcharge just because we can".

    Because we believe EVERYONE deserves and should be able to afford relief!

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