If you aren't already in full "Summer Mode", this blend of Fresh Peach, Brazillian Coconut, with just a splash of lime will slap the summer right into you! Our award winning Body Butter formulation not only smells like summer in a jar, but goes to work to instantly improve your skins texture, tighten and firm, while clearing up any lingering bumpy "winter skin"! Making this one of our most popular additions to our summer must haves! Healthy and hydrated skin is the first step in getting a perfect tan, so grab a jar and get prepped for perfect beach buns!  

Little pro trick? Keep your Body Butters, Sun Spray, and Toners in the fridge for an extra bit of refreshing relief!! Oh, and get the large, it will last your all summer, and saves big bucks!!

To DYE For - Body Butter