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We aim to be as timely as we possibly can when getting you your orders. We ship within 48 hours of your order, please keep this in mind when choosing your shipping option. We like to offer you the most affordable but also reliable courier service, but please keep in mind due to Covid - 19 shipping can still fluctuate, so if you have a time sensitive order please contact us and let us know. Please help us keep you happy by letting us know right away if your tracking number is not working, or if you have any concerns. We believe communication is key to any successful relationship, and we care about you.


We do not offer returns at this time. However, we understand there can be extenuating circumstances sometimes, so we are always happy to work with you to come to a solution. If you have a question or concern please feel welcome to contact us via email or phone!


We accept all major credit card, at this time we are unable to accept Google Pay or Pay Pal as we offer CBD products and that goes against their policies. Should this change in the future we will be happy to accept those as well!


We are proud to offer extremely fair wholesale pricing. If you are interested please contact us via email at

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