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Hi! Thanks for stopping by. We have tried to answer all the most common questions here so that you can get an answer faster. However, if you can't find what you are looking for, feel free to email us or contact us on our contact page


  • I bought something at a craft fair/festival/booth and I don't see it for sale on your website. How can I buy it again?
    Contact us. Sometimes we haven't had a chance to add it to the website or make a large enough batch to sell it on the website. Some of our products are only sold in our subscription boxes and made as specials for shops or festivals (wine glass bath bombs for the wine festival and hot air balloons for the balloon festival).
  • Can I order seasonal items off-season?
    Our seasonal items are only available for a limited amount of time. Once they sell out they are not available until the next year or when we make another batch.
  • Can I order a product with a higher dosage than you have listed on the website?
    Most likely yes. Contact us and we will see what we can do. Most custom orders have a minimum order of $100.
  • What items seasonal items to you carry each year?
    Get them while we have them in stock because once we are out you have to wait an entire year for them to come again. We are best known for: Easter: Paint-Your-Own eggs kits Mother's Day: Peppermint Lemongrass - it tastes and smells like 7-Up. Seriously, the best! Summer: Sunny Bee Spray Fall: Pumpkin Spice Winter: Spiced Cranberry Gingerbread Detox Coal Snowmen Paint-Your-Own Gingerbread people and houses
  • I love your t-shirts and logo, where can I buy a shirt?"
    We occasionally list them for sale on the website, but they go fast. If you see them, grab them while you can!
  • Do you have gift cards?
    Not at the moment. But we are working on it.
  • How do I send a gift message?
    Leave a note in the comment section of the order from or email us. We will handwrite your note and include it with your package. Thanks for choosing to send our products as a gift! We love that you want to share our products!
  • Are your ingredients actually organic?
    Yes!! Every single ingredient we use is certified organic, this is why our Bath Bombs are usually a bit higher in price than the ones you will find at popular chain stores. We also have a proprietary blend of oils and butters we include in ALL of our bombs which provide a nurishing bath and are much much more than just a simple "bath fizzer".
  • Why are your bath bombs so "expensive"?"
    We use only the absolute highest quality ingredients in every one of our products... including our bombs. Did you know most "bath bombs" sold in chain stores are actually "bath fizzers"? The difference is in the oils, many do not contain any oils other than those used for scent or binding. This can cause your skin to become extremely dry and irritated after just one bath! Also, most of these "bombs" contain various chemicals that help them to harden faster, smell stronger, or fizz longer...many of these keep costs low... but can cause rashes and even chemical burns!! Now for ours... We took the time to find organic ingredients that could achive the same affects. With the result being a nice firm, fragrant, and fizzy bubbley, and foamy bomb! This took time and yes cost more... but we believe quality is everything. We don't want to put our name on anything we wouldnt feel confident using ourselves and on our own littles! In fact our proprietary blend of oils and butters that we include in ALL of our bombs provides a nurishing bath that actually improves your skin and leaves you silky soft with zero worry! You can feel confident buying them for yourself and your family... and be proud to gift to anyone, because they are much much more than just a simple "bath fizzer".
  • What is a bath bomb? How do I use it?
    Bath bombs add fun to bath time, but they also help to remove toxins, add moisture to the skin, and create a wonderful relaxing experience. They are made from baking soda and citric acid, which react in your bath to foam and dissolve. Our secret recipe offers much more than just fizzy, fragrant fun, because we use such high quality ingredients, each one of our bombs will leave your skin silky, supple, and rejuvenated! Most of our bath bombs also include pigment (that can range from a mild color in our light bath bombs to an explosion of deep color that turn your bath into a lovely deep hue). Simply place it in the tub and let it fizz around until disolved. Then relax and enjoy.
  • Can your ingredients go safely down my drain?
    Yes! All of our products are made to go into a septic system or city sewer system with no problems! They are good for your skin and the earth.
  • Are bath bombs safe for kids?
    Yes! Allison has 6 kids ranging from 18 to 4 years old. They have taken countless bathes using the bath bombs. She has over 15 neices and nephews that also have enjoyed her products over the years. The Shark bath bomb is a favorite with the boys.
  • Do all your products have CBD?
    Nope. A lot of our products come in a CBD free and CBD line. We also offer different doses infused of CBD for a healing, calming and pain-relieving bath. Contact us if you have any questions.
  • Is there really a difference between your bath bombs other than scent?
    You might just pick the bath bomb that smells the best, but we did put some thought into what goes into each bomb. Here is what benefits each bomb has (other than a good smell): * Clear the Fog - Designed to be the perfect blend of Peppermint and Eucalyptus bomb that will instantly clear your sinuses and relief head pressure while fighting any muscle pain extreme or minor. * The Bee's Knees - Honeysuckle scented for a relaxing bath with tons of extra moisturizers This bomb leaves you with a beautiful golden shimmer on your skin! * The Beach Bomb - Enjoy the smell of the beach all year long with this true to life Creamy Coconut scented bomb. It's packed with Coconut Oil, Coconut Milk, and Organic Pink Himalayan Sea Salts.
  • Will your bath bombs stain my tub?
    We try our best to include binders to wash everything down the drain when you are finished. However, if the finish of your tub is older or in some of our deeper colors, you may have to wipe off some of the pigment and oils after your bath. If it doesn't come off with a dry rag, try a normal cleaner or some dish soap.
  • How has Covid changed your shipping policy?
    We are trying to limit post office runs to twice a week. Also, please note that sometimes our shipping carriers have been experiencing delays or a couple days to a week. Please, be patient. We want you to get your Bathing Bee products almost as much as you do!
  • What is your shipping policy?
    See our full shipping policy here. We aim to be as timely as possible. Our goal is to ship within 48-72 business hours of your order. We try to offer the most affordable shipping, but if you have a time-sensative order, please contact us and we can change your shipping method.
  • Where do I find my tracking number?
    Contact us if you have not received a tracking number. Items ordered through the website will automatically send a tracking number. If you order it through one of our other ordering methods, we can manually send you a tracking number. Let us know as soon as possible if the number isn't working.
  • What countries to do you ship to?
    Currently we ship to the US and Canada.
  • What happens if my address is incorrect?
    We ship to the address that you give us. Please make sure that you double check your address before submitting it to us.
  • Do you offer local pickup on the Eastern Shore of Maryland?
    Visit our contact page and ask us. Or visit one of the local shops that carries our most popular products: * Community Farmacy in Salisbury, MD * The Rusty Mermaid in Salisbury, MD
  • Can I get high using the CBD products?
    The answer is an emphatic NO, not if you are using a THC free oil, and that is all we offer! The type of cannabis plant used to produce CBD oil plays an important role in determining whether, or not a specific product can cause you to experience the psychoactive buzz. If the CBD Oil does NOT contain THC which is a psychotropic, you are physically unable to achieve a “high” or any feeling of high.
  • Is CBD safe for me?
    CBD is safe for MOST everyone, however, we always encourage everyone to contact their Doctor if they are on any medications or have any underlying health issues.
  • What is CBD?
    CBD stands for cannabidiol, which is extracted from cannabis and hemo plants. CBD can not change your state of mind because it is not a psychoactive.
  • Is CBD and THC the same thing?
    No! THC stands for tetrahydrocannabinol. It is what gives you the being high feeling. It has psychoactive properties. CBD does not have any psychoactive properties. CBD and marijuana (which is high in THC) come from different plants. They both come from the same species of plants, but CBD is taken from hemp and marijuana is taken from the marijuana species. Federal law says that CBD products must contain less than 0.3% THC to be legal. Our products are used my medical and law enforcement and are completely safe. They are third party tested for THC and certified.
  • Is CBD legal?
    The 2018 Farm Bill made CBD extracted from hemp legal. It must contain fewer than 0.3% THC. All states have their own laws. So check out what your state requires before using and purchasing.
  • How much can I hope to earn?
    It all depends on how much you sell. You get 40% of the profits from every sale. Most groups make at least a couple hundred dollars.
  • Do you send me paper forms for everyone on our team/in our group?
    We used to do everything like a traditional fundraiser and send home forms with each person to have their friends and relatives fill out. However, this limited the purchases to just the products listed on the sheets. We now have upgraded to a digital format. We send you a suggestion of an email to send to your supporters. You get a special code for the website and every time someone uses that code it will log the purchases for your fundraiser. Your supporters can pick from anything on the website. This gives them more options and ultimately makes them more happy and gives you a chance to earn more money!
  • How long should my fundraiser be?
    We recommend 2-3 weeks. Anything longer than three weeks and people lose steam.
  • Do I have to pick up the products and deliver them?
    Nope! That is the great thing through ordering through the website. You don't have to collect addresses or do any deliveries. We will send everything through the mail to your supporters! You just have to let them know the dates and how to order. We do the rest and you get a check. Woohoo!
  • What type of fundraisers have you done?
    We have done fundraisers for: *Public Schools *Private Schools *Sports Teams *Dance Teams *Gymnastic Teams *Drama Teams *Adoptions *Cancer Fundraisers etc. Contact us and see if our fundraisers would work for your cause.
  • How do I sign up?
    For now, email us. Coming soon will be our Fundraiser submission form!
  • Do you offer wholesale?
    Yes, we do! And we love our wholesalers. They have the cutest stores. Contact us for more information and check out our wholesale website (coming soon).
  • Can I sell anything I buy from your website?
    We love that you want to share our products, but we ask that you just give them as gifts. We are happy to send them to your friends and family (and even include a card), but we ask that you don't sell our products unless you have signed up as a wholesaler. Apply to be a wholesaler on our wholesale page (coming soon).
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