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This Golden goodness needs to be the first thing you treat yourself to this summer! Grab the Dry Body Oil pump, or the Solid Body Oil Bar...maybe do yourself a favor and grab both! Because, after one use,  you won't want to go anywhere without it... truly! It will be your best friend, your go to, your ride or die , your other half, well... you get the idea!

Loaded with some of the most luxurious oils on this earth, you will notice the quality the moment it hits your skin! Rub this shimmering nectar anywhere (and everywhere ;) and reveal your innner Golden Goddess! Our incredible

Dry-Touch formulation will make your jaw drop... it's literally instant! 

And, the color is perfect for ANY skin type and color! Buildable for more shimmer or just rub in just a bit for a hint of sunkiss sparkle! The solid conatains the addition of local beeswax wich help lock in mousture all day!

The very best part is... just one bottle or bar SHOULD last you the whole summer season, but that being said, some of our product testers all over the country said they wanted to bathe in it... so if you plan on doing that , one may not last as long as we hoped! But no judgement ... You do you!


The scent is a ultra luxurious blend of Brazillian Coconut, Tahitian Vanilla, with just a hint of Ylang Ylang... this blend will blow you away...its simply gorgeous ( sorry in advance for making you into the weirdo sniffing their arms in public) 

Bee Golden - Solid Body Oil Bar

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