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They are back...again! Our Classic moisturizing bomb scented in fresh Peppermint with a slight irridecent shimmer added, then hand painted with the most perfect little details. Grab Jack, or Jill,  or even better keep the jolly little couple together. Either way these two will add a whole lot of holiday cheer to any gift basket, or simply pop them into a stocking! Available CBD free or your can choose your perfect dosage!

Jack & Jill Frost

  • Remember: We are NOT Doctors our promises and claims are based on the amazing feedback and testimonies of our wonderful customers! If you have any questions or concerns, we are always happy to answer, or refer you to our professionals that can! Feel welcome to contact us for custom scents and dosages, or even bulk or wholesale orders.

    Please send any and all contact to

    We strive to set ourselves apart with our fair pricing, we opt NOT to "overcharge just because we can". Because we believe EVERYONE deserves and should be able to afford relief!

    Each of our products are handmade here in the USA (and close to the beach) using only the highest quality ingredients. Because of our quality, our bombs are usually safe and soothing for all skin types... even little ones! Many of our bombs are formulated for those with sensitive skin in mind! Please be sure and follow us on FB and IG for updates, coupon codes and fun giveaways!!

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