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Truly rewind time with this incredible Day/Night serum! Just a tiny pump of this incredible formula will feel like a tall glass of water for you skin! As you apply, this amazing lightweight serum absorbes instantly! Our ultra hydrating formula goes to work immidiatly erasing the signs of aging. Be sure to take a "before" picture because In just two weeks you will see a dramatic difference in fine lines, wrinkles, redness, uneven skin tone, dark age spots... even acne!

*So lightweight you can apply makeup just moments after serum with no creasing/lifting! 


"What does it smell like?"

We dont add any fragrance because we believe in keeping things as clean as possible. So this is scented lighting by the high quality ingredients we use.  The "scent" has been discribed as a fresh Aloe scent with a hint of spearmint. Its extremely refreshing and lightweight!

Rewind Radiance - Age Fighting Facial Serum

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